Sheeraz Ali some fun facts :P

sheeraz ali

Sheeraz Ali is an information security professional with 2 yrs of experience in Network, Mobile, Application, and Linux Security and Web Development. Sheeraz is also an open-source supporter and has supported multiple open-source projects prominent of them being Owasp Cheat Sheet and Awesome Hacking Repository. He is also interested in Development and has worked on many websites.

He is a Content Engineer at Hack The Box. His main role is to create machines, labs and test them on hack the box including pro-labs and weekly releases

His main areas of interest lie in cybersecurity. He’s also a serial CTF player. He won many CTF Challenges in conferences such as NULLCON, COCON, Sector443, etc.

He contributes to multiple Open communities like nullOWASP and Google Developer Group, and Facebook Developer Circle. He is also a local chapter leader for null Bhopal, Facebook Developer Circles Bhopal and Co-lead for Google Developer Group Bhopal.

He also has been Voulentering in many cybersecurity conferences such as OWASP Seasides, Bsides Delhi and Bsides Ahmedabad. He loves Contributing to the community.

This is a blog of his journey of different experiments and a simple and fun way of exploring the geeky stuff as he discovers and tests a different set of things in the world of information security and web development.

His public activities are listed in his timeline. His code contributions can be found on Github. He is active on Twitter and Hack The Box, and his talks and presentations can be found on He writes about his experiments on his blog. He can be contacted over email – sheeraz [at] sheerazali [dot] com & Sheerazalicybersec[at]gmail[dot]com.

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