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September 19

Completed Dante on Hack The Box

Completed Dante on Hack The Box
Completed the dante lab on hack the box it was a fun experience pretty easy.
September 15

Passed the CRTP Exam owned Active directory network

Passed the CRTP Exam owned Active directory network
Passed the CRTP Exam owned Active directory network from the pentester academy.
August 22

Got assigned 21 CVE’s for wordpress 0 days

I got assigned 21 plus cve’s for WordPress 0 days finding SQL injections and other bugs in WordPress plugin repository
July 15

Released my first Hard box on HTB Pikaboo

Released my first Hard box on HTB Pikaboo
Pikaboo was my first hard box on HTB with 3 layers of abstraction. First exploit path traversal to get in nginx to get access to a admin panel to exploit LFI inclusion in order to get code execution via log poisoning FTP. Exploit ldap injection to get user pwnmeow and..Read More
June 2

Got bug killer badge for find a bug in Hack the box platform

Got bug killer badge for find a bug in Hack the box platform
Got bug killer badge for find a bug in Hack the box platform
May 17

Got my first CVE. CVE-2021-24337

I got my first CVE in video-embed-box Subscriber level SQLI. CVE-2021-24337. It was a union based SQLI which is also time based exploitability  Disclosure link https://www.codevigilant.com/disclosure/2021/wp-plugin-video-embed-box/
May 4

Published First Exploit on Exploit DB

Exploit published on Exploit DB
So first exploit published on Exploit DB found this during trying to find unintended ways to solve `Love` the box I made recently on @hackthebox_eu.
April 30

Released Love

Love on hacthebox
My first machine Love was selected and released on hackthebox. it is an intentionally vulnerable windows machine with common windows vulnerabilities and common privilege escalation.
October 21


sheeraz ali oscp
I completed OSCP on 14th October 2020
February 1

OWASP Seasides CTF 6th Place

Owasp Seasides Ctf sheeraz ali
International Capture the flag competition from OWASP Seasides. I completed under top 10 with 6th rank spot MachineHacker we completed this CTF with the top 6th place there were 530 players among which we ranked 6th. there were 29 challenges from which we completed 28 of 29
January 9

OWASP Seasides Recognition

Owasp sheeraz ali
  Continuing with our gratitude week, here we are with our next volunteer. Huge shoutout to @BeingSheerazAli  for the selfless efforts and dedication. From technical help, designing posters or tshirts your support is omnipresent. Thank you very much for being part of family.
December 9

Pro Hacker rank on Hack The Box

Hack the box Pro Hacker
Got 50% ownership on hack the box machines and got pro hacker rank on hack the box https://www.hackthebox.eu/profile/157669 check out my profile
December 6

Got Hacktober Fest 2020 swag

Hacktober Fest 2020
Hacktober Fest 2020 Swag arrived another good year for open source
November 17

Spoke at Bsides Ahmadabad

Bsides Ahmadabad speaker
Got featured in The Times Of India for speaking at lock picking village at BSides Ahmedabad 2019 spoke in front of 400 people talking about lock picking physical security and red teaming. presented and hosted a lock picking village for practical hands-on experience for attendees.
November 6

Hacker Rank On Hack the box

Hacker Rank On Hack the box sheeraz ali
After 3 months 61 machine’s solved finally got #hacker rank on Hack the box off to #ProHacker i am.
October 20

Exploiting and Understanding Web Vulnerabilities with Owasp Juice Shop

Exploiting and Understanding Web Vulnerbilities with Owasp Juice Shop sheeraz ali
Presented how to work with owasp juice shop and exploit vulnerabilities in the web and how to stop that.
October 20

Hacktober Fest 2019

Hacktober Fest 2019 sheeraz ali
Helped people in contributing to opensource and made pull requests helped with understanding how open source works for hacktober fest 2019
October 20

Chapter Lead Null Bhopal

Chapter Lead Null Bhopal sheeraz ali
After a long time finally, I m the chapter lead for null Bhopal.
September 29

Introduction to Git: Why to use it and how?

Introduction to Git: Why to use it and how? sheeraz ali
Helped people with Git and GitHub getting started and how to use GitHub for project management.
August 18

Repeate Defence with pfsense

Repeate Defence with pfsense sheeraz ali
This session will cover the open source pfsense. Will talk about – – Cover introduction to setting up firewall and – Blocking opening ports – Using an ids IPS on pfsense – Lock malicious sites – Setting up a VPN – Port knocking

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