Completed Hailstorm AWS lab On Hack The Box

I just finished solving HailStorm AWS cloud lab from Hack The Box. This lab is so Elegantly put together by Suresh Narvaneni. It starts off with an unprivileged external attacker trying to get a hold of a simulated enterprise environment. Which is heavily using AWS services for its infrastructure. We get a foothold from an open s3 bucket then take over 6 IAM accounts, 7 hosts and 12 Resources everything is using AWS services such as Elastic Bean Stack, S3 buckets, Lambda functions, Dynamodb and so many more. I learned a lot researching AWS services. Foothold, Lateral movement and Privilege escalation on the cloud is not that far off from traditional networks. I would recommend this lab to anyone who is starting with cloud security its very beginner friendly but not too easy takes a significant amount of research to complete the lab. I had a blast with it #cloudsecurity #cloud #environment #research #infrastructure #aws #cloudsecurity #hackthebox
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