OWASP Seasides CTF 6th Place

International Capture the flag competition from OWASP Seasides. I completed under top 10 with 6th rank spot MachineHacker we completed this CTF with the top 6th place there were 530 players among which we ranked 6th. there were 29 challenges from which we completed 28 of 29

OWASP Seasides Recognition

  Continuing with our gratitude week, here we are with our next volunteer. Huge shoutout to @BeingSheerazAli  for the selfless efforts and dedication. From technical help, designing posters or tshirts your support is omnipresent. Thank you very much for being part of family.

Spoke at Bsides Ahmadabad

Got featured in The Times Of India for speaking at lock picking village at BSides Ahmedabad 2019 spoke in front of 400 people talking about lock picking physical security and red teaming. presented and hosted a lock picking village for practical hands-on experience for attendees.

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