Presented my research about automated code review at scale in c0c0n XV

At the c0c0n XV conference, an annual cybersecurity and hacking event renowned for gathering experts and enthusiasts from across the globe, I had the privilege of presenting my research on the integration and effectiveness of automated code review systems at scale. My study focused on the utilization of Semgrep, a cutting-edge static code analysis tool, within development pipelines to enhance code quality and security significantly. Semgrep’s flexibility and ease of integration allowed for the automated identification and remediation of code vulnerabilities and anti-patterns across large codebases, demonstrating a scalable and efficient approach to maintaining high standards of code hygiene. By sharing insights on the configuration, challenges, and successes of implementing Semgrep in real-world scenarios, my presentation aimed to provide valuable knowledge to developers, security professionals, and organizations striving to bolster their code review processes and enforce coding standards effectively at scale.

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